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Odete M. Bigote

I always wanted to visit Gibraltar. I was intrigued by the pictures of this big Rock surrounded by water and flat land in the Southern tip of Spain.

I was surprised to find a lot more to see than just a Rock. Also known as the Pillars of Hercules, the Rock of Gibraltar, conveys a powerful image of strength, not to mention its strategic location. It is the closest area between Europe and Africa; on a clear day, we can see the African Continent across the Mediterranean.

I stared at the Rock with awe, specially when I found out that about 200 million years ago, the Rock was under the sea.

What happened? Was it global warming that caused such a change? Was it the power of nature, or Intelligent Design, or God?

Perhaps, it is not as important to find out the cause, as it is to realize that although the world around us changes, our basic needs do not. To this day, shelter, food, love and understanding are most important to our survival. Somehow we are born with enough "intelligence" or "intuition" to fend for ourselves. Our surroundings are also built in a way to supply us with our needs.


Gibraltar was inhabited by prehistoric men and women who lived in prehistoric caves, such as, St. Michael. Perhaps, the most dramatic natural grotto in Europe, St. Michael has an underground lake, and to visit parts of this grotto, the visitors have to climb a rope.

There are also many miles of underground tunnels; here General Eisenhower planned the invasion of North Africa during the Second World War: here the Muslim invasion of Europe started in the 5th century AD.

There are wild trees and birds, nature walks and dolphin watching. But, more important than any of these is the compassionate expression of the tailless Barbary Apes that occupy part of the Rock and roam free. They let themselves be photographed next to us, they defy the drivers and place themselves on the top of cars, jump on the window sills and show up everywhere. They carry their babies, feed them and groom each other with pride. They are having fun. Above all they are confident no one will hurt them. They are able to stand still and stare at us for some time. Indeed, in their contemplation of human beings, the Apes are reminding us of what they have done for themselves: they have freed themselves from the chains and the stress of the jungle. They are also wondering what we have done to free ourselves from the chains we've built around us and within us.

A man doesn't learn

to understand anything

unless he loves it.


What is love? In my short life on earth, I've learned that love and understanding are interconnected. We must first understand ourselves, then, we'll understand and love others. This does not mean that we've to go through some intense intellectual training. On the other hand, this "understanding" must be effortlessly achieved.

We all know that science has been teaching that all thoughts are interconnected. Scientists explain this "interconnectedness," in terms of photons, electrons, atoms and other components. Spirituality teaches the same, except our interconnectedness is beyond photons, electrons and atoms. Our short life on earth is our choice and responsibility. We not only choose to come here, but we also come with a well written script that will help us expand our horizons, and grow spirituality.

Did you ever wonder about the similarity of your thoughts and the Apes'?

Are you sending thoughts to the Apes, or are they sending them to you? Or are you simply sharing the same thoughts? Do the Apes "understand" us better than we "understand" them?



What makes you think? Are you "THINKING" at all?

Imagine yourself writing a play. You choose the characters, the settings, and the plot. Then, the actors go on stage and follow the written script.

Whether your like it or not, whether you believe it or not, you are doing the same every day of your life; the difference is that you are not conscious of the script. And this is what makes life so mysterious.

If you accept the idea of the "script," then, you are ready to achieve inner peace. You begin to understand that there is a purpose for every event in your life and everyone you meet. You start to let go of emotions, such as, anger, fear, and hate, to name just a few. You begin to let go of the characters that show up in your life and somehow upset you. THIS IS ALSO THE ROAD TO FORGIVENESS.

Every time you are going through hell, remember that you can achieve inner peace.


NOW, you can let go of the chains of ignorance that you built in your mind.  You can begin to love yourself and others.

Article written by author:
Odete M. Bigote
September 2002


Odete Martins Bigote Author: "You Can Remember Love: Contemplations on Science and Spirituality. Discover that you are a powerful hologram and rediscover a new you.

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Odete Martins Bigote