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Odete Martins Bigote

What is music?
    Music is your own experiences,
    Your thoughts, your wisdom.
    If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.

Charlie Parker 1920-55

In the movie "The Sound Of Music" (1965), the Reverend Mother told Maria she
has a great capacity to love but has to find out how God wants her "to spend
her love."

Maria is shocked, fearful and confused.

Who is Maria? In real life she is the English actress Julie Andrews; in the
movie she plays the role of a nun in search of her true self - so Maria is
all of us.

"I've pledged all my life to His service." Said Maria to the Reverend Mother.

Maria loved God, how could she possibly love her boss, captain Von Trapp too?
Like many of us, Maria thought love has limits. It was the Reverend Mother
who reminded her that true love between two people is also holy; when you
love someone "it does not mean you love God less." Furthermore, an Abbey is
not a place to be used as refuge for those who do not want to face their

Maria was also a happy young nun who occasionally runned away from the Abbey
to the hills nearby to sing and dance. She knew there was another world out
there beyond the Abbey's walls, but she feared the change.

At first, she pleaded with the Reverend Mother not to send her away to face
the man she loved but, in the end, she changed her mind after listening to
her sounds of music:

        Climb every mountain
        Follow every stream
        Follow every rainbow
        Till you find your dream.
        A dream that will need
        All the love you can give
        Every day of your life
        For as long as you live.

We all write our own music, and sing it in different forms - in order to do
this, all doors must be opened and fear must be out of the way. We must allow
our Higher Self to guide us.

        What is to reach the heart
        must come from above,
        if it does not come thence,
        it will be nothing but notes - body without spirit.

Beethoven, to J. A. Stumpff, 1824 in Marion Scott, Beethoven

Maria married the captain, and became an instant stepmother of seven
children: a true story that happened in Austria just before World War ll.
From the moment she married, Maria's sounds of music changed drastically. She
had to face not only her new love but also the Nazis' hate.

When they came back from their honeymoon, they were surprised to see the
Austrian flag, at the entrance of their mansion, replaced by the Nazis' flag.
Captain Von Trapp torn it to pieces. Convinced that there was no more free
Austria, the family refused to let the Nazis take control of their lives.
With courage and commitment they escaped to Switzerland, but not before the
whole family sang "GOD BLESS MY HOMELAND FOR EVER."

We've learned that history repeats itself: is this type of "sounds of music,"
a sign of historical events about to happen again in the 21st century? Which
flags will be replaced?

Let's follow our "rainbows" until we find our dreams, and hopefully escape
the rage of evil. After all, that is what miracles are all about.

Article written by:
Odete Martins Bigote
Copyright 2002


Odete Martins Bigote Author: "You Can Remember Love: Contemplations on Science and Spirituality. Discover that you are a powerful hologram and rediscover a new you.

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Odete Martins Bigote