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Time is the great physician.

Benjamin Disraeli 1804-81

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Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.

Dion Boucicault 1820-90

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The past is not dead; is not even past. People live on inner time; the moment in which a decisive thought or feeling takes place can be any time. Timeless feelings are common to all of us.

Martha Graham, in Dance Magazine, May 1988

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by Odete Martins Bigote

That which is, has been; that which is to be, has already been; and God seeks what has been driven away.

Holy Bible, Ecclesiastics 3.15

Imagine a universe so hot that nothing moved. All was still. There was only one single force. As that force cooled off, it started to split. Movement was initiated - a particle was born. Scientists named it "time."

But they are not sure if time was the first particle.

The split and formation of the first particle caused other particles to be formed. They were named: height, length and breadth.

This was the beginning of what scientists call "a real universe."

As time passed, they realize there are more dimensions; all entangled, all very, very small. They hope these dimensions will help them put together a theory that unifies everything. In the meantime, physicists are trying to find the answers to two questions: was "time" the first particle to be formed, and what was that single force that caused it?

It is possible that, with time, they may find some answers, but in a limited way. These answers will be nothing but a symbol for a much higher reality. Scientists are counting on the help that high-energy colliders - also known as accelerators - can provide them. These colliders can create temperatures similar to what physicists imagine existed at the time of the first split.

In the end, the ultimate answers are always within each individual, and not in what they build outside of themselves. Only the mind has unlimited potential to create, and, or to miscreate.


Time, then, is a tool that we've been given to see how we handle our thoughts: do we look within, or do we look without?


I've learned, in my spiritual quest, that time and space will eventually disappear. Now, even physicists agree.

Time is but a stream I go a' fishing in.

Henry David Thoreau

Let's do the best we can to use time constructively, and hopefully live a peaceful and healthy life.


How come some of us survive pain, stress, fear, etc., while others perish?

I've watched people changing practically over night from young to old. Their dark hair turned white; all because of a major problem they have to face.

History has many examples. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a concentration camp survivor, wrote about his experiences as a political prisoner in his own country - Russia. Anatoly Shcharansky,also, wrote about his experiences, as a Russian Jew, who survived years of imprisonment and torture by the KGB, also in Russia. Victor E. Frankl, a holocaust survivor, describes in his writings how some perished, while others survived, and even grew while in Nazi prisons.

All of us are part of history. All of us use time, all the time, and allow our minds to build our own prisons, or to set us free. We use time to hate, to fear, to kill, to love, etc., may use time to investigate the mysteries of the birth of time. We may use time to heal. We may use time to see if we can understand our relationships, and above all, to see if we can handle fear, anger, pain, stress, etc.

But the most constructive use of time, is when we try to experience our relationship with our inner Self. That moment is precious because it contains all the information there is: all the truth about yourself. That moment is also rare because we choose, most of the time, to look outside of ourselves for answers.

When Albert Einstein began to discern an unseen and powerful force in the universe, he named it - cosmological constant. It baffled him so much that he put it aside.

Today scientists thank Einstein for his work. Research is now showing that the universe is expanding so rapidly that soon there will be nothing to see but us! Space and time will not survive; they are illusions.


All galaxies - forms of matter - will not be seen. But, we'll see ourselves because we are beyond matter. The universe is infinite, matter is not. You are the universe. You are the ultimate reality. You are both the observer, and the observed. Within you is all there is.

The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent.

Albert Einstein l879-l955; letters to Michelangelo Besso, March 1955

In the end, you must remember that there is a powerful invisible force everywhere, and that means within you. That powerful force will keep you alive, independently of the form you choose to mask yourself with.

You are the absolute ruler of yourself. How successfully you rule yourself depends on how often you use time constructively.

Article written by: Odete Martins Bigote copyright July 2001

Odete Martins Bigote Author: "You Can Remember Love: Contemplations on Science and Spirituality." Discover that you are a powerful hologram and rediscover a new you. http://www.portugueseprincess.com

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