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Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when
they are open.

James Dewar


The lights floating in the sky seemed too bright to be just an airplane. I
kept admiring them from my kitchen window on a high rise building in New York
City. They seemed to be heading towards my building but then, they turned
around and went to New Jersey. Then, to my astonishment, they came back,
split and split again, and suddenly, united into two lights with the shape of
yellow balls.

"Oh God! A UFO, (Unidentified flying object) right here, over New York. How
exciting. How beautiful. It is about time I see one. I must call my
neighbors, my friends, TV stations. I want everyone to see this." I opened my
window and shouted: "Hey, You down there! There is a UFO right over your

Of course, no one heard me. The airplane made hardly any noise. "It pays to
be in America to see this." I thought. The lights split again. and started to
make shapes which turned out to be letters. Within a few seconds, the
following sentence showed up in the sky; " Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts."
Gradually the airplane disappeared.

We are all entitled to dreams. Day dreaming specially is part of our lives.
In truth, we are always dreaming. The problem is that most of the time we
think what we are seeing is real, specially if pain is involved. We've yet to
understand that reality is constant and eternal, it does not have ups and
downs, therefore is not of this world. But, our dreams, just like our lives,
should be enjoyed, and admired, in spite of the fact that we fail to see
their connections, their interrelatedness and symbolism, and above all, their
means of communication with our Higher Self.

We, on earth, are living a dream of materialization. We also dream we are
unique and very intelligent: there are no other universes and no other forms
of life - only we, humans, can make forms. But our dream is beginning to
change mainly because of the advances of modern science. This change is
causing a lot of conflict within most of us. The revolutions are not just out
there in the battle fields, but within all of us. Now, it is time to really
look inwardly whether we believe in God, or not.

One of the most recent advances in science is cloning. When I started to give
seminars, about 20 years ago, I used to refer to the hologram, and ask the
attendees to meditate on the following sentence: "THE WHOLE IS IN EVERY
PART." Some attendees got goose pimples, some struggled, only a few meditated
quietly. I insisted that sentence would help them survive the future.

Instead of describing the scientific process of cloning, which is all over
the news, I invite all of you to consider that "THE WHOLE IS IN EVERY PART,

Every "part" such as, a tiny piece of your skin, has a cell, consequently
cells are everywhere. We think we have many cells. In truth, we've only One;
all others are copies, so to speak, of the One cell that IS everywhere, and
contains all the information there is about the past, present and future. So,
any cell taken from you, when you are alive or after you die, re-creates the

Our mission is to learn to tap into that cell, and rediscover all the
knowledge there is, was and will be. This is why some of us, in some parts of
the universe are more advanced than others; some are able to transfer that
knowledge from generation to generation for thousands of years, keep track
and improve on it. Other civilizations, such as ours, are too slow and prefer
to spend time driving cars faster and faster, and moaning about payments,
without realizing there is a way to speed up our learning process, and
improve our lives.

What happened to cloning? Has anyone been cloned on this planet? Officially,
only animals have been cloned, and reported to have many problems.
Unofficially, humans have also been cloned, and I believe they are among us,
incognito, or course. Recently, a religious political cult, known as
Raelians, claim to have cloned several children. The claim has not yet been
proven because the parents refuse to identify themselves to have tests done.
They fear a witch-hunt.

Rael, the cult leader, could have used this publicity as a means to increase
the sales of his books, and to raise funds for the building of their embassy
to accept the landing of the UFOs. Whether these claims are true or not, the
interesting part of this event, is that the cloning was not done by renowned
scientists, but by a female French biologist who belongs to the cult and
claims to have been helped by extra-terrestrials. This infuriated many people.

The scientific community has tried to do both cloning and contact with
extra-terrestrials but without success, as far as we know. We cannot stop
scientific progress, neither can we stop the human mind from dreaming.
Scientists do not hold a monopoly on science, the same way as the church does
not hold a monopoly on Jesus. We all have access to the Christ Mind, as well
as scientific concepts without going to college. Modern scientists are now
arriving at the conclusion that there is a possibility of life similar to
ours in other parts of the universe.

Who are the Raelians? An atheist religious cult with political ambitions.
Anyone that reads Rael's book "The True Face of God," gets a pretty good idea
of what they stand for. In any case, any good dreamer who is familiar with
science fiction, and also with extreme political views could have written
this book. At first, I thought, I'd read it as fiction, then, I began to see
the possibility of the events happening in our dream of space and time which
made the reading more interesting. So, whether, you read the book or this
article, remember that you are always dreaming, and you must have a sense of

Rael, whose real name, in space and time, is Claude Vorilhon, was born in
1946 in France of a Jewish father and French mother. In 1973, he went for a
walk in an area of an extinct volcano in the French country side. And that
was a turning point in his life. A UFO showed up, and a figure, identified
as, Elohim, came out and started to talk to him. He spoke in French, of
course, although later on, Rael was told the group spoke ancient Hebrew, and
their emblem was a star of David and a Swastika.

Usually, we are told that extra-terrestrials make contact with us to do
research, and to let us know that they would like to share their advanced
technology with us when we are ready. Some of these contacts even show signs
of love, to the point that inspire movies, such as ET. I've seen ET many
times. He is wrinkled and not too pleasant to look at, but his actions show a
beautiful heart; in the end, we all love him. And, we cry! Yes, I've never
seen so many people crying in the movies, as I saw during ET. Nothing like
this happens with the Elohim: he shows no signs of love, or understanding of
the human race, but wants us to love and respect him and Rael. I've seen a
picture of Elohim, he looks more like a beautiful Muslim Mona Lisa than a god
from the sky. He says that our ancestors should not be respected because they
were too stupid and too primitive and not able to help us. I wonder what the
UFO community would have to say about these Elohim.

INDEED, WE'VE ONE THING IN COMMON WITH THESE EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS: A CALL FOR LOVE. But there is a difference: very few of us kick people, and then ask
for their love...

Elohim claims he is part of a group of gods called "Elohim." They created
life on earth, and came from the sky. There is no supernatural God, and no
soul; there are only Elohim, and he uses quotes from the Bible. No where in
the book they explain who created them. Soon, they will come back to earth to
live in their Embassy which Rael will help to build. They will bring the
great prophets they have cloned and kept with them: Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and
so forth. Even Mohammed who sometimes is mentioned, and others times is not,
seems to be with them but, somehow, at a distance.

I'm not surprised Jesus is with the Elohim, for He is everywhere in spirit,
and in body form. He can materialize and dematerialize whenever He wishes,
therefore, I don't think they had to clone Him. The Elohim need Jesus to talk
to them about love; true love that comes from our hearts, and true
understanding. They think they are teaching Jesus? Absolutely not, Jesus is
teaching them, because His Source is more scientifically advanced than


Elohim makes sure that one thing must be clear, since there is no
supernatural God, what is there left? Science, and a new form of government
called "geniocracy," where only people with a very high intelligence will be
allowed to exist. Do not respect the Church, meaning the Catholic church
only, where the rich Pope belongs. Stop giving money to them, give instead to
Rael to help build the Embassy. If the Embassy is not built, mankind will pay
a heavy price, and there are many threats all over the book. Furthermore,
write a living will in favor of the Raelians right now, and you will be
compensated somehow.

What is the Raelian religion, then? Their religion is "human genius." They
are interested in us because the Jewish people are the most intelligent
people on this planet: their brain has more capacity than theirs, they simply
have not learned how to use it.

They wish to clone people who are "genius" so that their technology will
continue to pass on and on for thousands of generations, and although they
believe there is eternity, they themselves are not eternal. Who created the
concept of eternity?

Although Elohim does not give any further details as how to classify a
"genius," as far as I'm concerned, I consider myself a great genius so,
please, do not clone me. Anyone that has lived so long on earth, has gone
through so many adventures as I've, and has been able to keep a healthy mind
and body, is a genius. I do not think I'd like to exist in the environment
Elohim offers us, or anywhere else, for 750 years or, even 1.200, as he
claims. I think, I'd prefer a long rest, after this ordeal here, on earth. I
also want to be formless. I'm quite pleased with this life of mine so far. I
am looking forward to dispose of my body peacefully when the time comes
knowing that I'll be following the normal flow of mysterious events which
will gradually unfold. I'll allow my Higher Self/Super Higher
Intelligence/Supernatural God, to lead me as to what kind of dream I'll
follow next.

If anyone tries to clone me against my will, I'll undergo the greatest pain
anyone can imagine; and that is, the pain of abortion.

Besides, I've no wish to meet Satan who Elohim claims is also with them.
Where else could he be? What form does he have, male of female? Please keep
him with you, up there, wherever you are. Don't bring Satan to earth; I've
met him too many times, and I know the tricks he can play. By the way, Elohim
does not explain who gave us love, creativity and free will.

Elohim named Rael their Prophet, the Prophet of all Prophets, the Guide of
all Guides. He will help them accomplish their dream on earth; not only
propagate their technology but also their political utopian ideas based on a
world government which, as we know, is already on its way with the European
Union. They also advocate a society like theirs with 7 Billion people about 4
feet tall, only about 1 Million in psychiatric clinics; a society with no
money, no marriage, no family, no country, no democracy, no idols (except for
sports), no private property, no communism, no jealousy.

What about sex?

To be continued.

Article written by
Odete Martins Bigote
Copyright, January 2003

Article available for publication. Please contact author.


Odete Martins Bigote Author: "You Can Remember Love: Contemplations on Science and Spirituality." Discover that you are a powerful hologram and rediscover a new you.

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